Psychology 1010

For this section I am including two discussions I particularly enjoyed.


The very first assignment was to “Make a brain”, literally. I made it with play-dough and named the parts using Photoshop. I enjoyed making the brain, it was like an art project. Additionally, it was a clandestine effort done in the middle of the night. You see I had to borrow my three year old’s play-dough for the assignment and at that age they are not particularly conducive to sharing. So for me tongue-in-cheek I enjoyed this assignment, or rather the kid in me did.

Project: The Brain


This assignment was particularly interesting to me. In-fact, I liked the Real-Age Test so much that I emailed a link to my husband. He took the test and our conversations since then have taken a turn. Instead of facing a relationship steadily going stale,  we are feeling like a set of teenagers in love again. Maybe we already had it in us, or maybe the test triggered a long suppressed feeling in both of us. All in all I am currently not complaining about the test results.

My discussion