Film and Culture

Analyzing a film and writing about it in the context of Classicism was entirely new for me. I have had no experience with diversity issues in the past, even though I come from a very diverse background. The society I grew up in was more intent on teaching us the norm more than it was in changing it. So change was only lurking in the background, and it was not something we confronted on a daily bases. So the question of diversity never came up. But having been confronted by the prospect, diversity proved to be an education of sorts, more intent upon self revelation that anything else.

For my Film and Culture class I have discussed Classicism as seen in a classic film “My Fair Lady”. This film was one of my favorites and a study of this kind made the film strangely new to me. Its context has changed and forever after I will view this film differently than I have before.

For Film and Culture 1070,  my analysis  is on “My Fair Lady” titled Eliza’s English


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