Elements of Human Communication – 1050

Reel Paper – Tangled Violations

This paper was about the Expectancy Violations Theory proposed by Judee K Burgoon ( 1976 ) in light of the film Tangled. This paper attempts to draw out the relationship between Rapunzel and her mother, Rapunzel and Eugene and Eugene and the palace horse Max.

The  violation each character exhibits and the resultant direction their respective relationships takes them is the crux of the paper.

Research Paper – Cultivation Theory: Growth or Phenomenon?

This research paper is designed to give a peripheral view on all that is cultivation. This theory has grown exponentially since its beginning in 1976 by Professor George Gerbner. This theory initially a product of the Cultural Indicators Project has taken on new variables other than the effect of violence on television. This paper attempts to capture all the other facets of cultivation other than the fear of crime that has been consistently seen in television as of the last two decades. Each source used within the paper has also been analysed for accountability and credibility.


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