Penned to Inspire

English 1010

English 2010

Writing is an art form, I realized. This is my dabbled effort to try something that does not come naturally to me. The hours I put in will probably tell you more along the lines.

Film and Culture 1070

I enjoyed a few intriguing discoveries through the course of the film. Culture and film is a never ending circle one feeding the other the manage to co-exist.

The Elements of Human Communication

This Humanities class was embedded in a deep sea of theories that proved to be an eye opener. It occurred to me after all my lessons were done that there has been a lot of research in the world of communication so much so that I have been overwhelmed at one point. But in spite of that I was enchanted to realize that many theories will prove to be as useful in practice as they sounded in theory.

Psychology 1010

This subject was undertaken by me with care. I had already registered for this class two other times and dropped it in the first couple of weeks, because I didn’t have enough time. I am happy I made that call. You see I wanted to pay particularly close attention to this subject because not only will I gain a gen-ed credit, most importantly I will gain knowledge that will help me understand myself and the world around me as I know it. Not only is the book an interesting read, the subject itself is fascinating.


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